Investment brochure, online data room.

1 day for 6 different logos with finishes options and styles for the brochure.
5 days for a 32pp brochure, with assets such as a bespoke map.
Sole designer on project.

Thought process and inspiration:
Shape of the building (2 blocks with a tower)
History: one tenant is the UK’s largest naval freight insurer, the location
and trends in Shoreditch area.
Various finishes options including foil blocking, embossing, linen hard cover,
Colourplan hard cover, ribbon marker, slip case.
An uncluttered layout on a neutral background to make the photography
and chosen identity colour (yellow) stand out. 
Yellow linen hard cover with white foil blocking elements.

Location spread.

Details of floor surface and usage, as well as photography from the retail
and office spaces.
Bespoke map showing location, public transport and other companies
in the area.
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